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TCS has been manufacturing Cufflinks and accessories since 1996 in New York, creating a full range of contemporary and novelty hand-polished and hand-finished cufflinks.  Our brand has rapidly become established in some of the best-known high-end menswear stores and department stores around the world.

Our cufflinks are manufactured to the highest quality and we feel that this, together with our design, we stand by our product 100%. There are many processes that each cufflink goes through and quality control points! The range comes to you in Rhodium, Silver or. Gold plated, not to mention precious metals as well gold, & sterling silver according to the customer's requirement.

TCS has been designed with simplicity in mind, for ease of quick viewing and easy ordering for our long-term or new customers alike. Please note that all designs are usually in stock; so if you do not see the exact combination you require, please ask us. We‘re constantly introducing new designs and while we aim to keep you as up to date as possible we cannot guarantee that the entire range will always be in stock.

The range consists of vibrant enamel colors, fiber optic cat’s eye, silk fabric, leather cufflinks, novelty cars, boats, cigars etc. contemporary Austrian designed and Swarovski crystals and natural minerals such as Malachite, Mother of Pearl and Onyx among others, mosaic stone. Our highly successful Working Watch cufflinks come in three Dial colors white, black & blue. 

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